High Performance Leadership
Master Mind Group Series


It has become the norm in too many companies to constantly have ever-changing priorities, unclear direction, weak or non-existent processes, frustrated customers, and employees who are just trading time for money. Unfortunately, most organizations have become so accustomed to chaos they believe it should be the norm.


Our Master Mind groups work with individual managers to solve issues facing their organizations. We provide training and solutions to help managers reduce the chaos by reinforcing current management techniques as well as teaching new ones.

We have the solution that can help leaders solve problems, realize their companies’ potential and give leaders and employees new skills that will improve employee performance and moral while adding to the overall performance of the company!

Our Master Mind Group Series offers continuous monthly face-to-face support from our experienced leadership team and your industry peers. We don’t require a lot of time each month but we do cover a large number of topics many companies face today.


There is synergy of energy, commitment, and excitement that participants bring to a Master Mind Group Series. The beauty of Master Mind Groups is that participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Master Mind participants act as catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates and supportive colleagues.

In a Master Mind Group the discussion based off the course materials, facilitated by the Eagle Ridge Staff belongs to the group, and each person’s participation is key. Your peers give you feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities, and set up accountability structures that keep you focused and on track. You will create a community of supportive colleagues who will brainstorm together to move the group to new heights. You’ll gain tremendous insights, which can improve your business and personal life. Your Master Mind Group Series is like having an objective board of directors.


  • You are introduced to ideas, tools, processes and individuals that can mean the difference between your success or failure
  • Increased confidence that you’ve made the right decisions and are taking the right actions to achieve your goals
  • Accountability and real progress in your business and personal life
  • You will have dedicated timeframes so you can discuss your work-related situations and receive feedback from successful individuals on how to solve your most pressing business issues
  • You will be networking with others in your field so you get to form deep and lasting connections with some incredible people
  • You get the satisfaction of helping others achieve their business goals from your experiences
  • Tap into the experience and skills of others
  • An instant and valuable support network


Over the course of the monthly Master Mind Group Series meetings we will review some of today’s best solutions and ways to improve your organization with your peers in a small group learning session in the following areas:

٠Developing Leadership

٠Effective Communications

٠Powers of Persuasion

٠Project/Program Management

٠Emotional Intelligence

٠Employee Engagement

٠Resolving Conflict


    1. Free Personality Assessment ($75 value)
    2. Process to follow when solving problems or generating new ideas
    3. Course Materials (hard copy and PDF)
    4. Light meal (face-to-face meetings only)
    5. On-going support throughout the month
    6. Accountability for completing your action item list
    7. Peer guidance and support
    8. New ideas on how to tackle old problems
    9. Reinforcement on current techniques (is what you’re doing working?)
    10. Reminders of past techniques
    11. Central location for participants (face-to-face meetings only)

What is the cost and how can I sign up?

$249 per person per month*
(includes light meal)

ENROLL NOW! Space is limited.

Call : 303 688-8085

Email : info@eagleridgeconsulting.com

* Every paid membership results in one scholarship for a leader of a Non-Profit organization


  1. Monthly face-to-face half day meetings ($249 per month)
  2. Bi-Weekly 2-hour video conferencing ($99 per month)